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  On this page you will find all kind of free downloads for Tensor software. All download trial-versions are accompanied by manuals and videos on bottom of this page.

Furthermore you will soon find more add-on's on this page. You can also share scripts you have programmed with other users. You can contact us so we will place these script on this page.

  Download trial versions with full options for to find out how easy Tensor works

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  Download your documentation and exercises here

affordable free downloads, videos, easy in use

Easy in use, powerful 2D Cad,

Autodesk microstation 2d drafting

Tensor CAD drafting 2D
Manual TensorCAD draftingsystem (zip)
Tensor CAD manual (pdf)
Videos with voiceover for all 15 exercise-drawings
15 drawing exercises step-by-step(pdf)
Overview of quick-keys in Tensor

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